Touring more frequently this year


This year I plan to tour more often than I have in the past. I am starting with New Orleans, LA April 17, 18 & 19. If you would like me to consider visiting your town please feel free to let me know. If I get enough interest in certain parts of the country I will schedule a tour around that area. (Once I have decided to visit your town or area I will likely ask for a small deposit to hold your spot for a date. If I have to change or cancel my trip due to issues on my end, your deposit will be refunded.)

Fly me to you date-

If I am not planning a tour to your area you can fly me to you. (US only) FM2U Package would include cost of flight (naturally first class is preferred however I would accept an economy (upgradable grade only) ticket for flights under two hours, or business class for flights up to four hours, first class for flights four hours or longer. Travel expense reimbursement for all Ubers to and from the airport and your location. 50% of date must be compensated for in advance at least 10 days prior to date and is non refundable unless cancelled at least a week in advance. A 25% cancellation fee will be deducted from deposit if cancelled 7 to 10 days in advance. Less than 48 hours of notice of cancellation will require payment in full to keep in good standing for the future.  (These stipulations are subject to change at any time prior to scheduling and exact details will be confirmed at time of booking). A private 3 star or higher hotel room must be provided and booked in my name only. Even if we have an overnight date scheduled at your hotel room I need to have a room of my own to get ready in each day. I do not prefer to have overnight dates at private residences in new cities unless we have an established relationship. For fly me in dates donation minimums are as follows:

3 Hour Intro Dinner & Desert Date: $1000

6 Hour Extended Pleasure Dinner & Desert Date: $1,600

12 Hour Special Event or Overnight Pajama Party Date: $2,500

24 Hour Vacation & Relaxation Date: $3,500

* Appropriate amount of meals and at least 6 hours of sleep are required for overnight dates of 12 or more hours.

If these packages do not work for your particular needs please let me know and we can try to work something out. 

I love to travel so I am excited to have you show me your city!